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What “makes me feel fortunate today”?

— my family, my home, and the health of my loved ones—and for YOU too.
Several mentioned after class that today was exceptional
I am so fortunate to have found gentle yoga with Vero.
I have had various instructors from tennis to body fitness to Pilates, but I have never had the privilege of a teacher of your exceptional quality that truly cares about each and every one of us improving at our own pace with each class.
At the end of each class I feel enriched in mind, body and spirit. It’s a beautiful experience that lasts throughout the day.
For this I am FORTUNATE. Thank you,

Kathy Bohutinsky

VeroYoga ¦ Worth every mile you walk, ride, or fly to get there

I am so grateful each time I can go to Veronica’s class, and I do savor each and every class, each and every moment with a renewed enchantment! Wow!!! Being in the presence of a great Master is an opportunity no one should miss, especially those who are fortunate enough to be in a 25 miles radius of lovely Key Biscayne. Aside from being exceptionally talented and at the same time so humble, Veronica is such an amazing and inspiring woman! Her classes are always rigorous, intense and fun. What makes them unique is Veronica’s tremendous good energy and pure joy in each breath she shares with us! She is like the most beautiful flower on earth blowing her petals of Love and Wisdom around her and spreading hers warm rays of sunshine in our hearts.
Vero, thank you for being who you are! Thank you for being part of our lives! Thank you for encouraging us with your special and resounding saying: Yes, this is the way!!!
You are the BEST!


Love, Flow & Results

Since the first class with Veronica, my Yoga practice shifted to another level. I tell all my friends that there are Yoga classes and there is VeroYoga.

Veronica’s practice has helped me quiet my mind, increase my energy and open my heart.

Veronica’s intention for all of us to be peaceful, loving, generous and healthy has manifested in my life and I’m sure it has in all her students.

Roberto Suarez

“I have practiced yoga intermittently for many years and in many places in the US and abroad.  Vero is the best teacher with whom I have ever practiced. She is a master of all yoga including the body, breath, mind, and spirit.  Her flexible approach addresses the needs of yoga beginners, experts, and everyone in between.  Her emphasis on gratitude has been an important uplifting force in my life.”

Evan Oster

Endless possibilities

Vero you never stop surprising us, you show that the world is full of endless posibilties and that in yoga and in life there are no limits! You have been for me a real yoga mentor and have impacted my life in a truly inspiring positive way! Grateful to have you as a teacher! Namaste for many years to come practicing together! Love you very much. Lucia

Lucia Castellano

Hi Veronica, 

Thank you so much for your yoga classes and for WOHASU. Even though we have only met a few times, I feel like you have made a big impact in my yoga practice. I’m still new to yoga having only started about two years ago. I love yoga but lately I felt like I was going through the motions here in California. I really appreciate the alignment corrections and advice (especially with aligning my head during twists and keeping my spine straight in downward dog) that you gave me because it helped me get “unblocked”. I also practice your technique for deep yogic breathing, it really does work! I really enjoyed WOHASU, I actually sat next to Suzie Pileggi Pawelski for most of the conference and had a nice chat with her about her career as a writer. I read Mo Gawdat’s book and found it helpful. I look forward to attending your yoga classes again when I visit Key Biscayne.




Thank you!

I started practicing yoga with Veronica Vidal when she first started teaching on Key Biscayne about 15 years ago. Through the years I have had the good fortune to learn from her in many ways – in classes, through workshops and even assisting her in teaching yoga to the blind. I have also taken classes in several places and with different teachers and, although I have found many good teachers in Miami, I thank God that I first learned from Vero. Vero is a perfectionist and insists on proper posture and attention to detail. To some, it may seem tedious or controlling but to me it was key in learning the proper way to hold the asanas and get the most out of my practice.

Thank you, Veronica!


Hola Vero, 

Quería decirte que la clase de hoy estuvo lindisima. Era justo lo que necesitaba. Desde el movimiento físico hasta el movimiento energético psicoemotional gracias a tus palabras que eran muy precisas y preciosas!

Un abrazo,

Thank you for caring.



When I come to VeroYoga  I have  a unique opportunity each time for deep introspection as I am encouraged in every moment to bring my  body mind and spirit to the practice.  Veronica Vidal  is gifted with  an innate genius  to observe and communicate with each student to bring out the best in each of us according to each individual’s ability.    She focuses us on breath awareness and intention in  each of the  asanas  to allow for the mind to quiet and the body to integrate and restore harmony and health.  Vero is a unique yoga teacher and she brings her vast experience in the worlds of spirit, intellect, emotion and action to her students.  I am very grateful to have found her as a teacher and an inspiration in my life.

Sandra Goldstein

Thank you !

Thank you Vero Yoga for all of your inspiration to practice yoga. You have helped transform my life. Te quiero y muchos besos y abrazos mi querida amiga. Veronica, anything is possible with you in my life. You have taught me so many life lessons and have helped me recover from debilitating injuries in a holistic manner that the medical community said was not possible without surgery. I am so grateful to have you in my life Veronica!

Victor Zuclich

Thank you!

Veronica, thank you for taking Deen and I under you wing in Key Biscayne. We leave tomorrow and we will miss you so. See you next year we hope. Thank you for making our yoga classes so meaningful. We both love you, you are an amazing instructor! Warmest Tegards, Carol & Deen

Carol and Deen

2 years after a hip Reconstruction!

Exactly 2 years ago i broke my hip in many parts. I thank to the universe to have found my doctors and Vero Yoga in My path to recovery,
After 18 months of practice i feel comfortable in my body again.
i have learned to know my strength and limitations. thanks to the knowledge that Vero shares with generosity in her Class, i have become stronger physically and emotionally. She is a true Dharma Yogi ; very detailed oriented about technique. I recommend this class it will empower your life.
With love, Claudia Sanz

Claudia Sanz

I don’t want to change her as my teacher

Veronica has been my only teacher for the last maybe 12 years and I don’t want to change her.
As a grandmother, Yoga has been changing my life in many ways. From the beginning she has taught me to be present with my respiration and my mind during a whole one hour and a half. This time is the most profitable regarding my body and my mind: both had changed in many ways. My body is more flexible and strong. I visualized myself in the last years I might have, strong, stretchy and balanced. Besides, my consciousness has given me a powerful, energetic dimension en route to being present in the moment which is an antidote for our speeding world.
So I only have tremendous gratitude for Veronica\’s generosity for given her talent and time not only to myself but also to the rest of the class.

Cecilia Arboleda

Prosthetic shoulder

So, I commented last year and I comment again this one. Veronica is so awesome – I can move my shoulder better and have more mobility.  Shockingly, I can even do downward facing dog!  I think that the philosophy of do what you can, has really helped me – along with an amazing instructor. I will never get to the “floor” but it doesn’t matter. I do what I can and my teacher, Veronica helps me understand that’s enough. What a gift!

Carol mitchell

Thank YOU!

Thank you Veronica for paying so much attention to my back and knee problems. Very generous of you and so much appreciated.


Thank you Veronica!

I started yoga with Veronica December of 2013.  I have knee issues and through her class I have noticed how much healthier my knees have become. Veronica personalizes her classes and makes you feel that you are truly her concern.  The best was when I did my first half marathon in Miami on a Sunday.  Monday morning I hesitated going to yoga because I was stiff and sore.  I went and I was so grateful.  After the class I no longer felt sore and was rejuvenated. I feel stronger, more coordinated and over all healthier since I have been going to class. At any age or fitness level I would recommend this class.

Ann Tatman Rumpf


Vero has turned me into a faithful yoga devotee. As a wife and mother of a pre-teen and 3 teenagers I was getting tighter and tighter by the day…both physically and mentally. I have always been active (volleyball, tennis, running, weight training) and started to rely on “adjustments” from my chiropractor.  As a person who is not very flexible, I was intimidated by the thought of yoga.  However, I decided to try it and realized that if I went to Vero\’s classes, I no longer had to see the chiropractor.  Also, I started experiencing an amazing feeling of inner peace and strength on the days I practiced yoga. Vero has been unbelievable patient, supportive and inspiring…reminding me always that my body “is like an onion-you must be patient and peel only one layer at a time” and that only I know how my body feels and to respect it.  She reminds us to be grateful.  I believe I am a kinder person because of Vero and her practice 🙂  THANK YOU VERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hace un año que tenia mi practica de yoga abandonada, retomé con Vero hace un mes y estoy muy agradecida de poder aprender de ella. Me gusta su enfoque de mente cuerpo y respiración.

Gracias Vero!



Mid 60’s, overweight, out of shape, a jock at one time but concerned about injuries.  Vero took me on at first in very gentle steps and encouragement.  I am on my 120th class now and better of physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is a lifelong journey and I look forward to small changes every day.

Ray. Lutz.

Yoga and posture

I have been in front of a computer screen for the better part of the last 25 years.  Ever since I started yoga with Vero, my shoulders are opening again and my body actually craves good posture over the scrunch up back and shoulders.  Thank you Vero!



Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”
• Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip
The end of yoga class brings the much-anticipated corpse pose or shavasana. One lies on the floor in a meditative state and just relaxes — for me, it is the reward after the physical exertion. As we were going into shavasana this morning, the yoga teacher instructed us to “get comfortable.” She usually encourages us to put on our sweaters or anything warm that we have brought with us. I had a sweater by my foot, but I didn’t make the extra effort of reaching for it. Maybe I was just too tired. As I began entering the dreamy shavasana state, I felt my yoga teacher place my sweater over me. She adjusted one side and then the other, so that it would cover me as best as possible. I was touched by her small kindness. It reminded me of tucking a small child or elderly parent into bed … A small gesture, but it carries such deep meaning because it says unequivocally that we care for the other person.

Posted By Blogger to Adventures in Kindness

Ana Gloria

Prosthetic Shoulder

I have had two shoulder replacements and have been in chronic pain since 2008.  I began yoga with Veronica in January and had difficulty even moving my left arm.  It is now end of March and for the past 2 weeks, I have been almost pain free, have regained an incredible amount of motion and most importantly, I feel at peace and learning to accept and embrace a part of my body that has been hurting for so long without incurring additional pain or feeling afraid.  She is an inspiration and her willingness to have the entire class participate in shoulder strengthening  was very moving.

Carol Mitchell

Parthenon on the Key

When I moved to Key Biscayne, one of the first things I was told was that I should join Vero Yoga.

It was explained to me that it would change my life forever; heal my body’s aches and pains, calm my mind and improve my relationships.

All this from a yoga class? How could that be possible?

After only two weeks I was able to see the results!

Choosing to practice yoga under the loving instruction of Veronica Vidal is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I just wish I hadn’t waited a whole year to start!

In just two weeks I have lost a lot of weight, my joints no longer hurt and I can chase my kids and play with them without pain. After only six beginner sessions, I can walk up and down the stairs without wincing; something that has bother me for years.

As good as the physical health benefits are, I found that my spiritual and emotional well being improved greatly, and that has had an impact in my life.

With Vero Yoga, I learned what it means to think and act from the heart. The poses she teaches open the heart’s energy fields. 

My relationships with my two boys, my girlfriend and the rest of the community have been taken to the next level. Even my business relationships are better because I’ve learned to stop thinking, and just feel.

If you are looking for a positive, affordable change in your life, sign up for Vero Yoga you will be amazed!

Jem (James Vallord-Costa)

Jem (James Vallord-Costa)

Thank You

Veronica you are an amazing teacher and I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration you instill inside me. Your wisdom, warmth, and compassion are unmatched and you are such a bright and vibrant light in this world. I know your love for your students is true and you have always moved and touched my soul ever since I have known you. You have taught me so much about life and how to carry oneself with dignity, grace, and humbleness along our turbulent and fragile existence. I do not know exactly how to put into words how your practice transforms itself inside me, but I do know that when I am in times of need your presence always seems to be by my side.
After suffering from a severe weightlifting accident nearly four years ago I have endured years of grueling physical therapy. Having been a student of yours for several years before my accident, I was anticipating the day I could join your practice again. From a medical perspective your gentle yoga classes were able to accelerate my healing process exponentially beyond any treatment that modern medicine was providing me at the time and even to this current day.
I pray for you and hope that my energy always reaches you to uplift your heart. Thank you for allowing me to share in your practice and I am honored to have gotten to know you as a person. With much thanks and love!


An invigorating journey

I would recommend Veroyoga to anyone and everyone.  For beginners, I cannot imagine a better guide to the time-honored practice of yoga and its countless benefits.  For pros, I am confident that Veronica’s knowledge, perspective & enthusiasm will open your eyes to new possibilities.  I am only starting to appreciate the extent of what yoga has to offer.  As I better understand the means by which movement, breath and focus affect us, the physical asana practice seems more and more to be simply the surface of a much deeper endeavor.  Better physical health, emotional balance, a sharper mind and a resilient spirit have come with an at times daunting awareness of how much room for improvement exists.  Thankfully, Veronica makes you always want to come back for more.  Her teaching has been perfected over years, and the energy, dedication and warmth she conveys are extraordinary.  I have no doubt that if more people experienced teachers like Veronica, the world would be healthier, kinder and more at peace with itself.



I had the good fortune of stumbling into Veronica ‘s yoga class at my children ‘s karate dojo six months ago.  Practicing yoga with Veronica has been transformative for my body, my spirit and my life in general.  I have been on a weight loss journey and the yoga has helped me tremendously to keep my resolve as I strengthen my body.   I feel stronger than I ever have and discovered muscles I had never seen before!  The mindfulness and spiritual aspect of yoga also has helped me to weather many storms; and in dark moments, I have heard Veronica ‘s voice encouraging gratitude and acceptance.  Veronica is an amazing, careful and compassionate teacher.  She has an uncanny ability to keep track of all her students\’ limitations, progress and successes.  Frequently in class, we can hear her giving specific instructions to a student and praising students for progress.  I feel guided, taken care of and encouraged in my yoga practice, and am very blessed to have Veronica in my life.   I go to yoga class about four or five times a week, but if I could, I would take yoga classes with Veronica every day.   I highly recommend her Youtube video of the Salute to the Sun and practicing that when you cannot make it to class.  I also have taken private classes with Veronica, which I highly recommend.  Thank you, Veronica!

Ana Gloria

Thank you!

As the time pass by and I will continue to take Yoga classes with a Master like Veronica I think I will keep improving an getting better every time from the inside as well as the outside of me 🙂

Thank you very much Veronica for inspiring so many people including me in an Unique , special and amazing way.Your own way of teaching really make us better persons in every single aspect. Thank you for your “Education”

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and for caring about others, Vero Yoga class is not just another class of Yoga, Vero Yoga IT IS THE CLASS OF YOGA 🙂

My best regards and my most deeply and sincere appreciation and gratitude for our Mentor, Veronica Vidal.

Love, Yadira


Reach Further, Have Fun and Be Grateful you found Veronica

Veronica is an extraordinary woman who has the mastered gift of teaching, senses each student’s needs and knows how to guide them to reach their potential. She instructs with passion, shows warmth and compassion and is so full of joy! Her focus is strong and she inspires by example as she imparts her vast professional knowledge with each breath. Strong and caring Veronica is a gift to all those fortunate enough to be near her. She has changed my life in a profound way by helping me to grow and stretch in so many ways. She is humble and modest, loving and kind and knows exactly how to teach so that each student receives personal attention and feels special as well as being part of unique and cohesive group experience.

Abby Lynn Ross

The best yoga instructor in Miami

Vero classes are superb, inspiring, challenging and at the same time spiritual!  My practice today and my love for yoga is definitely due to Veronica, a gift that I’ll be forever grateful.



After over ten years of attending Veronica’s classes, I can say that she  inspired me to explore the possiblities of working with the body, the mind and soul in a such a way that now I feel that apart from the amazing benefits  that i gained on a physical level, it helped me become more aware of my spiritual being through this mindful practise.  Her classes never get old, there is a constant newness to every single class, it is like tapping into something different every time.  Thank you for this gift Vero.


I like each class MORE than the previous one.

Love you

Poky Tarajano

Private group class

I really look forward to those days when I take Vero’s classes. I know I will walk into a warm, inviting room where she will be paying attention to what each one of our needs. Her calm voice and energetic classes leave me ready to face any challenge of the day feeling focused and relaxed. I just wish i would go more often!

Jimena Teijeiro

Yoga practice

I have started to practice Yoga with Veronica about a year ago and I love it. The practices are fabulous and intense! It gives me peace in my mind for the time I am practicing yoga and leaves me energized and focused for the rest of the day! It is a great exercise for mind and body alike. Thank you!


Veronica What  a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you!!! I’m feeling very blessed!!Only after 5 classes, my sleep quality went to almost 100% better!!! I wish I could stay with you all the following year, to have the opportunity to learn as much as I can!! Thanks a lot and Kisses

Christiana Cunha (Brasil)

Christiana Cunha

Thank you

I feel great, I love yoga. I have forgotten how well I felt after a yoga class, so energize!! Also my daughter who is a swimmer enjoyed the best summer season ever thank to Vero, no back pain after 5 hours training a day for 2 month was really great. Thank you!!


Veronica’s yoga

Only 2 1/2 years ago I could not bend, open a water bottle and sometimes sleep from the pain associated with arthritis.
That is when I started doing yoga with -I must admit- little hope.
In the beginning even the relaxation poses were difficult for me!
Today I feel like a new, younger, stronger woman.
I highly recommend Veronica’s classes.
Thank you Vero!

Lana M.

My experience with Veronica

Veronica was the Teacher I was looking for. I started 5 years ago full of prejudices about what a woman my age might be able to accomplish. Now at 49, I am more flexible and stronger than at 16, when I practiced Ballet. To the beginner I would say: Don’t be discouraged by your rigidity, stiffness and pain. If you practice regularly, you’ll overcome all of this and find a new self. At Veronica’s class you get much more than what you see physically. Light, peace and an open heart are only the beginning of it.

Natalia Reparaz

Veroyoga is what you always where looking for to feel great

Since I started to be in Vero classes I feel that my mind was changing. I understand how to conect my breathing, my mind and my body. Her discipline and her attentio to everything we do in the class improve my self in every aspect of my practice. Every class is different and a perfect challenge to see how far can I go.

Paola Ferrari

Thank you Vero

I’ve been practicing Yoga for the last three years with Veronica as my first teacher. From the beginning she has taught me the importance of gathering the forces of my body, my breath and my mind together during the practice, through concentration and flowing movements. It’s not an easy task, I assure you, but when you succeed you experience that every single cell of your being has received a powerful awakening energy.
Last year I moved to Madrid, Spain, and ever since I’ve tried to find a Yoga class with this same powerful awakening energy. But I just couldn’t find it! From my experience in Madrid I realized how good Veronica’s class is and I regret not thanking her enough before.

Michela Milesi

Since I began practicing 3 years ago, Yoga has been changing my life in many ways. After only 4 months practicing the powerful sequences of VeroYoga, I feel stronger and more flexible. My body consciousness and my running workouts have reached new levels. The precious few Meditation sessions with Veronica build my balance to help living the moment. With time and disciplined practice, Yoga and Meditation positively influence LIFE beyond the mat.

Marcia Risi

I started doing yoga with Veronica many years ago, she teaches with so much love and devotion. I have seen many positives changes both physically and spiritually ,her teachings have helped me grow in every aspect of my life.

Claudia Yidi

The best Yoga Class in town, PERIOD!

I started taking Yoga classes with Veronica one year and half ago.
Her instructional style is informative, disciplined, powerful for the body and mind, challenging and fun.
I was a prisoner of taking the medications my ex-psychiatrist prescribed for my depression and anxiety problems. But in a very short period of attending to the VeroYoga classes, i was a free man full of energy and just didn’t need any pills anymore!
It just gets better and better with each class. Veronica is the BEST!

Axel B.

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